7 Countries That Provide The Cheapest Internet Services to People | Guest Post by Manan Ghadawala

Mobile internet is nearly indispensable in this day and age.

We are all connected to the world at large through our phone thanks to the Internet, and to enjoy these features, we need mobile data which costs money.

Mobile data cost is not the same everywhere. It does not matter if it is for work or pleasure if you are among the many people who work remotely, pursuing a digital nomad career, internet speed, and cheapest internet service is the primary factor that drives your decision.

In this article, we will present to you the top seven countries with the cheapest internet in the world based on research done by Cable, a renowned Internet comparison site. But first, we look at the four patterns that determine this ranking.


The Patterns of Cheap Internet

The research done by Cable revealed four primary patterns that explain the cost of mobile data globally. Please note that several countries are usually a mix of two or more of such patterns.

Superior Infrastructure

Countries that have had 4G for a long time tend to have cheaper mobile data rates. This is because plans for mobile data have increased more than the median of 1-5GB every month.

Instead, they are offering plans with a capacity of 100 gigabytes, or sometimes totally unlimited.

The cost every gigabyte in such countries will lean towards the affordable side, and Finland and India are good examples of this.

Heavy dependence

Countries that have no fixed-line broadband or have it in limited amounts mostly depend on provisions of mobile data. In such instances, mobile data is primarily used by the population to go online, and adoption is almost often universal.

With a condensed market and several competing companies, usually tagged with a low average wage, data cost in these countries can be cheap compared to global expenses.

Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan are examples of this. 

Minimal Consumption

These countries have mobile data that is widely used and available, but the necessary infrastructure commands a culture of limited digital use.

In such countries, SIM cards are usually cheap but mostly available in minimal quantities. Quantities of 2-5 MBs and one-day expiration are usual. When increasing such minimum numbers to understand the gigabyte cost, such countries usually end up on the expensive side.

Djibouti and Equatorial Guinea are examples of such countries.

Affluent Economy

Wealthy countries generally have the reliable mobile infrastructure, data caps that are sized decently, and comparatively sound markets.

As the population can afford better, and network support costs more to own and operate and granted that they have not reached the first pattern where data limitations are more than the ordinary usage or completely unlimited, data costs are in the global average commonly.

Germany and the UK fall under this category.

Top 7 Countries with the Cheapest Internet


India offers the cheapest internet in the world.

A comparison in price done by Cable found that 1 GB of data costs $0.26 in India, while, for example, people in the US pay $12.37 for the same data amount.

As a country, India has a young population that is especially technologically aware and has a massive smartphone market, with the right adoption and several competitors.

Data, therefore, according to the “superior infrastructure” pattern is cheap.


With small but increasing fixed-line broadband across the nation, Kyrgyzstan depends mostly on provisions of mobile data.

The mobile sector here is open, healthy, and welcomes foreign investment.

You can find internet cafes easily in big cities, and 3G is available in all big towns as well.


Kazakhstan offers among the most advanced provisions of the network in its region (Central Asia) with a 4G connectivity that covers its highly populated places.

The market here has reached the saturation point that has left providers with minimal opportunity for growth and struggling for present shares.


Ukraine has three internet service providers—Kyivstar, Lifecell, and Vodafone Ukrain—fighting in the market.

Like their broadband deals, data in this country is both plentiful and affordable.  


The second-largest country in the world also offers affordable mobile data rates. The standard monthly cost for a broadband connection is 9.93 USD.


While most European countries have steep internet costs, Italy offers very affordable prices. The average data cost is 1.73 USD.


Many African counties have a minimal consumption problem; however, Nigeria offers the cheapest in its region with only 2.2 USD as the average data cost.

Final Word

In this era of digitalization, it’s fascinating to see how countries consume and provide mobile data.

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