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Today in Digital Nomad News: Kristin and Johnny discuss the upcoming Nomad Summit Cancún!


1. Nomad Summit Heads to Mexico!

Interview with Johnny FD about Nomad Summit Cancún

Nomad Summit - the world’s biggest conference for digital nomads and remote workers - is gearing up for their first event in Mexico’s Mayan Riviera, taking place on October 11 - 15. 

Nomad Summit’s founder, Johnny FD, joins us on the show today to talk about: 

  • The history of Nomad Summit and how it started
  • What to expect at Nomad Summit Cancún.
  • Why Cancún and Playa are good destinations for digital nomads.
  • How you can attend future Nomad Summit events. 

2. Coliving Industry Report: Kindred Releases Q3 Report on Coliving

It’s no secret that the modern-day lifestyle can be a challenge for everyone. The high cost of housing in urban areas has priced out local residents, while technology has resulted in social isolation and device addiction worldwide. 

One possible solution that can help people save money and find a community is co-living, although there is limited data on the size, depth, and impact of the coliving movement. 

Kndrd.io - a co-living start-up - is committed to changing that. The company published their Q3 Coliving Insights Report to LinkedIn, sharing their data on: 

  • Market segmentation
  • Average stay
  • Booking capacity
  • Real estate acquisition
  • Marketing spend
  • And more

Read the report here.

For an interview with Kndrd.io’s Founder & CEO, Christine McDannell, on what the future holds for co-living, check out the audio or video format below: 

  • Podcast: Christine McDannell and Kristin Wilson on the Future of Coliving
  • Video: Christine and Kristin in Amsterdam

3. Buenos Aires for Digital Nomads: New Argentina Travel Guide 

Beautiful Buenos Aires, Argentina has a lot to offer digital nomads and remote workers, who are attracted to the low cost-of-living, dynamic lifestyle, nightlife, and proximity to destinations such as Patagonia and Mendoza. 

Check out Kristin’s Digital Nomad Guide to Buenos Aires on YouTube and detailed blog with a cost-of-living breakdown

Interested in co-living in Buenos Aires? See what it’s like at Nomad Hub, BsAs

Watch the full episode of Digital Nomad News and interview with Johnny below: 

About: Digital Nomad News is a weekly news show covering trends in technology, remote work, and travel. It’s hosted by Kristin Wilson, a Nomad Summit speaker and digital nomad travel and relocation specialist.

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Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra attended the Nomad Summit Conference in January 2017 for the first time, when the term "digital nomad" was still new to her and she didn't even know who Tim Ferris was. The Nomad Summit and living in Chiang Mai flipped her world upside down. She's now helping people become digital nomads by co-organizing the Nomad Summit conference, blogging about the digital nomad lifestyle in Hungarian and sharing her travels on Instagram @alexandrakozma She's the creator of the Morning Mindset journal.

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