Digital Nomad News: Thailand Raises Healthcare Rates for Foreigners + Find Out the Top 10 Freelancing Jobs in 2019 | Kristin Wilson

Today in Digital Nomad News: 


1. Healthcare in Thailand: It’s now legal for Thai hospitals to charge foreigners 2x more.

It’s now LEGAL for Thai hospitals to charge foreigners more for their healthcare, depending on which country they’re from.   

The new pricing structure divides foreigners into three price groups. Retirees and tourists will be charged the most - up to double the cost of a Thai citizen. 

2. Top 50 Freelancing Jobs by Freelancer: Find out the best freelancing jobs in 2019. 

Freelancer.com recently published their mid-year report of the 50 fastest growing jobs on their site. 

Find out the top ten jobs in freelancing so far in 2019 today on Digital Nomad News. 

3. Co-Working and Co-Living in the Arctic: Kristin heads to the Arctic Circle

Kristin is headed to the Arctic Circle to live and work as a digital nomad, while documenting the experience! Follow along in her Instagram profile, TravelingwithKristin, and keep an eye out for new videos from Norway and Iceland on her YouTube channels. 

Watch Episode 7 of Digital Nomad News below: 

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Alexandra Kozma

Alexandra attended the Nomad Summit Conference in January 2017 for the first time, when the term "digital nomad" was still new to her and she didn't even know who Tim Ferris was. The Nomad Summit and living in Chiang Mai flipped her world upside down. She's now helping people become digital nomads by co-organizing the Nomad Summit conference, blogging about the digital nomad lifestyle in Hungarian and sharing her travels on Instagram @alexandrakozma She's the creator of the Morning Mindset journal.

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