Mark Brenwall

Owner of WOD Nation, Mark imports and sells CrossFit gear on Amazon through FBA. His business facebook page is here.

Mark’s talk was one of the best presentations but also one of the most personal ones, so personal that he has chosen not to openly share the videos with the public and his story was only to be heard by the 150 or so nomads in attendance.

Below is a summary of his talk:

Mark Brenwall

Summary of Mark’s talk:

Mark was working in San Francisco at a Tech company, making a Six Figures Plus, with a great apartment and a great life. He was unhappy and decided to start over at 39 years old, move to the Philippines and start working for himself online.

He tried a bunch of different online businesses including adword niche sites but wanted to have a real, physical products business instead.

He then started WOD Nation, a business that manufactures workout equipment popular with CrossFit athletes and uses Amazon FBA (Fulfilled by Amazon) to warehouse, ship and sell the products.

Mark Brenwall

Take away from Mark’s Talk:

No matter how much money you are making at your “dream job” if you are unhappy, there are other options.

Even at almost 40 years old, it’s not too late to start over and become a location independent entrepreneur.

Even though it’s possible to make money onlineĀ all sorts of ways, it’s better in the long run to invest in a real brand and a real business.

Johnny FD