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​Matt Bowles

Monday,  May 25th, 9:30-11:00 am 

Minimalist Packing with Style

Learn how to travel the world long-term with carry-on luggage only…without sacrificing fashion and style.

In 2013 Matt started off traveling with an enormous amount of checked luggage and gradually developed his minimalist packing techniques over 7 years while living in 65 countries as a full-time itinerant nomad with no base. Matt hits the ski slopes, beaches, and dressy events in the big city without ever checking a bag (And his carry-on including a suit, an espresso maker, a wine aerator, and a podcasting studio!).

Matt has finally condensed all 7 years of minimalist packing hacks, techniques, and strategy into a single workshop, applicable to both men and women, with core principles and concepts relevant to any fashion or style.

You will learn what clothing materials are uniquely conducive to long-term-travel, how to leverage versatility, how to simultaneously pack for warm and cold climates, how to remain fashionable as you travel, and how to permanently eliminate your checked baggage.

Matt will also do a personal luggage audit and share the specific clothing brands, electronic gear and luggage he currently uses.

1) The merits of minimalist packing (WHY to do it)
2) The strategy, concepts and techniques for downsizing to carry-on luggage (HOW to do it)
3) The specific brands and gear Matt uses and where to find it all (WHERE to start)

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