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Derren Joseph

How to Earn $100,000 a Year Tax Free as a Digital Nomad

Digital Nomadism is a hot topic and a growing trend especially among entrepreneurs. For many who wish to get away from the daily hassle of working in the office, working online offers them a chance to fulfil their dream and Asia is the perfect place to do it.

Taxes are complicated. International taxes are even more complicated. A really important thing to remember is that, no matter what, you should still pay taxes.

Come network and also listen to our speaker, a location independent professional himself. Expert on his field, he will help you embark on your journey and embrace the lifestyle of becoming a Digital Nomad.

During the session we'll address some key points:

1. Flag theory and how to diversify your lifestyle from a tax perspective
2. How to structure your personal vs your corporate residency
3. Context around the recent push towards greater tax transparency"

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Derren is part of Moores Rowland Tax Consulting, our official sponsors in 2020! Check out their website here.

Katherine Conaway

How to Write Your Book in 2020: From Brainstorming to Publishing

Katherine Conaway is a freelance writer, consultant, and producer. She’s been a digital nomad since she left NYC in 2014 and has visited more than 50 countries so far. Katherine is the co-author of The Digital Nomad Survival Guide, writes frequently about travel, remote work, and digital nomad programs, and is the host of the Modern Work podcast.

As a producer, consultant, and writer, her clients have included Bluffworks (travel clothing), BrewDog (craft brewery), Public Persona (branding + design studio), Lauren Hom (letterer + illustrator), The New York Times, Under Armour, AERIN Lauder, and more.