2018 Nomad Summit

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For Digital Nomads By Digital Nomads

We’re inviting the most successful digital nomads to come share their business models, productivity tricks, travel hacks, and money making techniques in listener-friendly 40 minute TED-style talks!

Come join us in the top digital nomad haven of the world, Chiang Mai, Thailand, where 400 experienced and aspiring location-independent entrepreneurs will gather from around the globe for a day of inspiring talks and networking.

The 2018 Nomad Summit start January 20th at 9:00am at the Le Meridien Hotel in Chiang Mai, Thailand. Your ticket includes entrance to the conference, lunch, coffee, water, and access to both the after party and the pool party!

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"My first day in Chiang Mai was at the Nomad Summit. Couldn't have asked for a better start!"

Debashish Das founder of Profitable Self Publishing

Debashish Das

2018 Speaker Lineup

Virginia Campo - From Startup Intrapreneur to Online Entrepreneur

Virginia Campo started her year by taking a leap and going from an executive position in the Latin America startup, Selina, to the life of an entrepreneur. Virginia is the founder of Gignomads, a platform that will connect travelers to remote gigs.

J Keitsu - Making $2 Million a Month in Sales with Dropshipping!

J Keitsu went from working for GoDaddy to making $2 Million in sales in a single month through eCommerce with his dropshipping store. You can read more about him at All the Way Up. He's now sold over $8M!

Derek Pankaew - From Bootstrapping to Millionaire Mindset

Derek Pankaew went from bootstrapping small businesses to making $10,000 a month, to thinking big with the millionaire mindset. You can see his Flexr: Travel Pull Up Bar product here.

Viola Eva Schenkel -Building a Six Figure Service Based Business from Scratch

Viola Schenkel built a service based business making over six figures in revenue and hiring 15 employees in just 4 months! You can see her digital marketing agency here.

Matt Bowles - Selling Turnkey Physical Real Estate while Location Independent!

Matt Bowles  has been running a physical real estate business Maverick Investor Group while living in 45 countries in the past 4 Years, proving that you can design your life and business anywhere.

Nick Nimmin - Youtube for Brand Building, Authority, and Business

Nick Nimmin went from 0 to 5 Million views on Youtube, and has gained over 100,000 subscribers in just a year. He now teaches others how to do the same with his channel.

Mike LaRosa - Finding Accelerated Serendipity, Motivation, and Community

Mike LaRosa found solutions to overcome entrepreneurial challenges, loneliness, and long term digital nomad burn out and shares his passions through Coworkaholic Media the source for the future of work.


Johnny FD - Creating Real Income by Creating Real Value

Johnny FD shares how to create Multiple Streams of Passive Income by Finding and Creating Unique Value with Any Online Business including Ecommerce, Blogging, Podcasting, Affiliate Marketing or Bitcoin/Cryptocurrency. Follow his blog here.


Nomad Summit

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The 2018 Event is Sponsored by:

A Look Inside the 2017 Nomad Summit:

Our Speakers from 2017

Earning Over $100,000 Creating the #1 Business Course on Udemy

David Dang Vu is the creator of the #1 top business course on Udemy - about starting an eBay dropshipping business with no inventory.

No Skills? No Problem! Hacks, Tips & Tools for Creating a Shit-ton of Stuff

Leanne Beesley is cofounder of Coworker.com, and the queen of product launches, startups, and wild adventures!

Building a Boutique Fitness Brand with Instagram

March Brenwall is Boss Lady-CEO at MarchFifth, a CrossFitter, and dream pursuer whose ideal customers are people who live life to the fullest and are not afraid to celebrate it.

Nomading Long Term: Happily, without Burnout!

Emma McLaren is a sustainable seafood consultant, who is focused on self-care, meaningful connections and looking inward, while her fast-paced life takes her to places all over the world.

From Selling Door to Door, to Selling Online

Riley Bennett went from listening to podcasts about entrepreneurship while working a door to door sales job just two years ago to being able to earn enough money with his Amazon FBA business to travel full time and grow his YouTube travel channel.

Designing Experiences: How good UX increases revenue, sales, and signups

Quinn Zeda is the founder of Zeda Labs and has helped companies like 16Personalities.com skyrocket their income with branding and user experience design.

Why Nobody Will buy Your MVP and How To Become a Market Leader

Thrive Themes Marketing Manager, Hanne Vervaeck is a marketing funnel-obsessed intra- and entrepreneur who spends her time between Paris and the rest of the world.

Thinking Outside the Box to Crush Big Goals

Jubril Agoro has helped huge name market leaders make millions with Facebook and YouTube ad campaigns. He's currently focusing on building his video production company and was even solicited by the Travel Channel to be a host on TV!

Leveling Up in Life and Business: Digital Nomad Hierarchy of Needs

Johnny FD is the founder of the Nomad Summit and host of the Travel Like a Boss Podcast. His mission has been to discover and create passive income streams and share the journey for others to follow along to learn from his mistakes and successes.

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January 20th, 2018 in Chiang Mai, Thailand

Le Meridien Hotel. Chiang Mai, Thailand. 

The Le Meridien is now sold out of rooms.
Stay anywhere in Nimmanhaemin or the Old City. Most of the pre and after events will be in the Nimman area. Transport is easy and everything is a $2-$3 Uber ride away.

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A Few of Last Year's Talks

Presentations from Nomad Summit 2016 and 2017

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